For more than 18 years, Urban Environmental Pest Management has provided pest control services that clients have used to eliminate their pest infestations. We know the how to get rid of a pest problem like no one else, and our knowledge can makes the difference.

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What's more important than solving your pest control problem? Nothing.


We love nothing more than to help our clients get rid of their pest problem. We have a proven track record of making that happen. Following the latest research and using Integrated Pest Management methods, UEPMS solves the pest problems.

UEPMS tailors the IPM program to your needs, the structure, and the pest, this way the problem is solved quickly and with your complete satisfaction.

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It makes all the difference in eliminating your pest problems.

Our staff is certified in 9 categories in New York State. UEPMS has a solid background in commercial, industrial, and residential pest control. You get the benefit of experience that's been acquired year after year, job after job.

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Urban Environmental Pest Management is a family owned business.

UEPMS is Certified as an MBE with NYC Business Services, and the Port Authority of NY/NJ. UEPMS is OSHA certified in 30hr Construction.


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Ralph H MAestre BCE

President of the company with over 35 years experience in the pest control field.

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Our portfolio includes the projects successfully completed over the last 17 years.