NYC DDC and EDC Projects.

These project follow specifications. UEPMS has the experience you are looking for. We have the following qualifications for this projects:

OSHA 30 hours Construction,

​MBE Certified with NYC Business Services,

MBE Certified with the Port Authority of NY/NJ,

and over 10 year experience performing 7.88AA Rodent Surveys and Monitoring and 7.88 AB, AC, and AD Rodent and Waterbug work.

Demolition Pest Control Services

New York City Demolition projects call for rodent control prior to demolition. We provide these services are a reasonable rate with he proper documentation request to have an inspector verify our work. this way your project doesn't fall schedule. UEPMS uses approved tamper resistant rodent bait stations with the approved rodenticide.

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NYC Park Construction Projects.

UEPMS has been involved in park construction projects for years and has the proven experience to make the process run smoothly and on time.